We take pride in producing quality to ensure you receive the best


Here at Anderton’s we are proud to offer a wide selection of products; all cuts of British beef, lamb, pork and chicken are available. We also take pride in our service and reputation within the Ribble Valley, our secret being knowledgeable, approachable and friendly butchers who all serve with a good dose of Northern charm.

All our meat is processed by us so we know it’s of the highest standard. Don’t just take our word for it, you’ll find our products across the whole of Lancashire in many highly regarded restaurants.

We are constantly striving to develop our offering, with over ten different flavours of sausages, various types of burgers, kebabs, marinated steaks and chicken, ‘fancies’ and oven ready products. You will often see our products on sale in other retail outlets, these are purchased pre-packed and priced ready for sale. So even if you’re not a frequent visitor, or can’t get into the Longridge or Clitheroe shop, you can still enjoy our products through these alternatives.

Our long-standing ethos is: “To deliver ‘quality service and civility’ to every customer.”